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Hamburg Süd expands presence in the Asia to India/Pakistan trade

Effective from 5 January 2011, Hamburg Süd will expand its presence in the trade between Asia and India/Pakistan by joining the new ...


Hamburg Süd: Christening of the “Cap Jervis” in Callao

As part of a customer event, Hamburg Süd christened the “Cap Jervis” in Callao (Peru) on Monday, 8 November 2010. She is the first ...


Hamburg Süd: “Cap Jackson” christened in Manzanillo

Hamburg Süd christened the "Cap Jackson" in Manzanillo (Mexico) on Saturday as part of a customer event. She is the first of two ...


Hamburg Süd optimises Europe – Mediterranean Services

As of the end of September / beginning of October 2010, Hamburg Süd will implement its newly configured Europe - Mediterranean services. ...


Hamburg Süd: New service between North Europe and Israel from October 2010 onwards

Hamburg Süd informs that as from October 2010 onwards it will separate from ZIM in the North Europe - Israel service and mount its own ...

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