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Asia – South Africa/South America East Coast Hamburg Süd/Maersk Line and CMA-CGM/CSAV/CSCL Winter Season Restructuring

In an effort to balance supply and demand during the forthcoming traditional period of weaker demand, Hamburg Süd and Maersk Line on the ...


Hamburg Süd and Seago Line to expand cooperation between North Europe and Eastern Mediterranean

With the aim of providing significantly more cost-efficient services, Hamburg Süd and Seago Line are pleased to announce that they are to ...


Special exhibition “140 Years of Hamburg Süd” at the International Maritime Museum in Hamburg

From 15 November 2011 to 25 March 2012, the special exhibition “140 Years of Hamburg Süd” can be viewed at the International Maritime ...


Tonnage rationalisation in the Asia – Mexico/South America West Coast Service

Hamburg Süd and CCNI on the one hand and China Shipping, Hanjin and Hyundai on the other have reached agreement on optimising their ...


Hamburg Süd: Inaugural call of a “Santa” ship in Hamburg

On Sunday, 16 October 2011, the “Santa Catarina” will be the first Hamburg Süd container vessel of the “Santa” class to call at the Port ...


Hamburg Süd: Christening of the “Santa Rosa” in Buenos Aires

On Monday, 10 October 2011, the container ship “Santa Rosa” of the shipping company Hamburg Süd was christened in Buenos Aires (Argentina) ...


Hamburg Süd: “Santa Catarina” christened in Santa Catarina

On Friday, 16 September 2011, Hamburg Süd christened the container ship “Santa Catarina” in Itapoá (Brazil) as part of a customer event. ...


Hamburg Süd and Germanischer Lloyd join forces to develop emission management system

Hamburg Süd and the classification society Germanischer Lloyd are jointly developing an innovative data management system for ...


Hamburg Süd makes major donation for general overhaul of the “Cap San Diego”

The preservation of its former general-cargo freighter “Cap San Diego” is an affair of the heart for Hamburg Süd. The shipping group ...


Hamburg Süd: mobility at sea and on the Web

Since the beginning of August 2011 Hamburg Süd has offered its customers and others interested in its portfolio of products and services a ...


Hamburg Süd expands presence in West Coast Central America

Effective from 4 September 2011, Hamburg Süd will expand its coverage of West Coast Central America by joining APL in a two loop service ...


Hamburg Süd receives two environmental awards in the USA

Hamburg Süd has again been honoured for its sustainable and environmentally conscious conduct. First, in late July 2011, it received the ...


Hamburg Süd: “Santa Cruz” christened in Shanghai

On Saturday, 23 July 2011, as part of a customer event, Hamburg Süd christened the container ship “Santa Cruz” in Shanghai. Sponsor of the ...


Hamburg Süd rationalises its North Europe – Eastern Mediterranean services

In response to unfavourable trading conditions, Hamburg Süd will rationalise its services between North Europe and the Eastern ...


Hamburg Süd: "Santa Rita" christened in Sepetiba

On 6 July 2011, as part of a customer event, Hamburg Süd christened the container ship “Santa Rita” in Sepetiba (Brazil). Sponsor of the ...


Hamburg Süd and Maersk Line add second sling to their joint Asia – South Africa/South America East Coast Service

After reducing their joint Asia – South Africa/South America East Coast Service in the slack season to one sling, Hamburg Süd and Maersk ...


Hamburg Süd eminently sustainability-focused

A few days ago the Fraunhofer Working Group for Supply Chain Services SCS published the study “Sustainability Index for Logistics Service ...


Hamburg Süd: Pleasing 2010 business year – Sustainable upturn or momentary blip?

Hamburg Süd’s performance at a glance Following the historic crisis year of 2009 and a first-time ever decline in global transports ...


Hamburg Süd: Port call of “Cap Isabel” in Tokyo cancelled at short notice

In all decisions concerning the current situation in Japan, Hamburg Süd is acting according to the maxim of, first and foremost, ...


Hamburg Süd calling at ports in Japan

Immediately after the devastating results of the earthquake in Japan, Hamburg Süd set up a working group consisting of experts from ...


Hamburg Süd: 7,100 TEU container ship “Santa Clara” christened in Durban

On Monday, 28 February 2011, Hamburg Süd christened the “Santa Clara” in Durban, South Africa. She was delivered at Daewoo Shipbuilding ...


Hamburg Süd celebrates christening of a 7,100 TEU container ship

On Monday, 21 February 2011, as part of a customer event, Hamburg Süd christened the “Santa Isabel” in Singapore. She is the second of ...


Internet relaunch in new design, with additional domain and CO2 calculator

Since Monday, 10 January 2011, the Hamburg Süd Group has been presenting itself on the internet in a completely revised design and with an ...


Hamburg Süd to extend WAMS Service to Europe

As from February 2011 and subject to obtaining regulatory approval, Hamburg Süd will extend the WAMS service which up to now connected ...

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