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Our environmental priorities

Net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040

One of the main causes of global warming are the greenhouse gases emitted worldwide by the industrial, energy and transportation sectors. The shipping industry is currently responsible for between two and three per cent of global greenhouse gas emissions. Hamburg Süd takes responsibility for its ecological impact and, as part of Maersk, pursues the goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions to net zero across our operations (Scope 1, 2 and 3).

We want to satisfy the demands of our customers and business partners for a logistics chain that emits as little greenhouse gas as possible. As such, we are working to establish green supply chain solutions already this decade and to enable our customers to realise net zero supply chains by 2040.

With Maersk, we are striving to achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. As an interim goal, we aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions intensity in our ocean services by 50 per cent in 2030 as compared with our 2020 baseline. These targets also apply to all vessels deployed on behalf of Hamburg Süd’s customers.

On the road to greenhouse gas neutrality, it will be necessary to decouple corporate growth from greenhouse gas emissions – in other words, to achieve growth while significantly and steadily reducing greenhouse gas emissions at the same time.

However, increases in energy efficiency alone will not suffice to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality. Groundbreaking innovations, such as novel fuels and engine technology, will be needed. Therefore, Maersk will operate the world’s first methanol-fuelled liner already by 2023, seven years ahead of our original schedule.

Driving environmental protection

In addition to reducing climate-harming greenhouse gas emissions, sustainable and responsible action for Maersk and Hamburg Süd will also entail lowering their oil pollution to zero and having their ships recycled in accordance with binding standards.

Action on climate

Explore our progress on climate change, including our work to reduce emissions across our sea, air and land operations, and our investment in alternative fuels and technologies.

Climate change

Learn more about our bold and ambitious customer commitments to decarbonise their supply chains in time and societal commitment to act and drive impact in this decade.

Decarbonising oceans

Learn more about our investment and progress on green fuels and vessels towards climate neutral shipping.

Decarbonising logistics and services

We plan to serve all our customers with industry leading green offerings across global supply chains by 2030. Follow our progress.

Decarbonising terminals

See how we are innovating towards a net zero future for terminal operations.

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