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Improved Asia – Europe/Mediterranean network

Upgraded schedule reliability – Premium product in terms of port coverage and transit times – Launch in May 2018

Hamburg, March 19, 2018. Since February 2017, Hamburg Süd, through its partnership with 2M, has been able to offer its customers access to the world’s most comprehensive Asia – Europe/Mediterranean network. As part of a regular network review, and in an effort to enhance schedule reliability, the decision has been made to rearrange this network in the second half of the second quarter in 2018. Increased buffer times and eliminated duplicate port calls throughout the network allows schedules to better absorb delays and therefore reduces the need to omit ports. At the same time, overall market-leading coverage and transit times have been maintained.

“As a member of the 2M setup, we are pleased to announce that the revised service network soon to be implemented is putting more focus on reliability and stability. As schedule reliability is an essential component for supply chains, we are sure that our customers will benefit from the new and improved network,” explains Frank Smet, CCO of Hamburg Süd.

Westbound sailings with new string configurations will commence from Asia to Europe/Mediterranean in early May. Detailed information on the individual services is available at