Transpacific Service - Chinese New Year Vessel Idling Program

(San Francisco, CA)… As a result of reduced demand due to Chinese New Year the following schedule changes are planned.

To United States East Coast

Via Panama Canal

String 1 “Maersk Dhahran” V.809/814: Original ETD Xingang Feb 27 (voy cancelled)
String 2 “Maersk Sydney” V.808/813: Original ETD Singapore Feb 19 (voy cancelled)
String 3 “MSC Roma” V.809/814: Original ETD Hong Kong Mar 02 (voy cancelled)

To United States West Coast

String 1 “Gjertrud Maersk” V.808/811: Original ETD Xingang Feb 19 (voy cancelled)
String 2 “MSC Beryl” V.808/812: Original ETD Tanjung Pelepas Feb 19 (voy cancelled)
String 3 “MSC Beatrice” V.808/812: Original ETD Singapore Feb 25 (voy cancelled)
String 4 “CSL Manhattan” V.809/812: Original ETD Kaohsiung Feb 27 (voy cancelled)

Please contact your Hamburg Sud representative with any questions you may have.