Jacksonville Service Center

(Morristown, NJ)…Our phone system in the Jacksonville Customer Service Center was affected by the electrical storms we experienced over the weekend. We have a temporary fix in place so that calls to the main telephone number 1-888-228-3270 will route correctly based on the prompts that are selected. All direct numbers for our employees are functioning well in addition to e-mail and EDI.

If by any chance, you experience any problems getting through to Jacksonville, please contact one of the management staff who will direct your call. We appreciate your understanding.

Rainer Kinhofer, Manager Export Customer Service 1-904-726-3241
Lena Skelton, Supervisor Export Customer Service 1-904-726-3263
Pam Riggs, Manager Import Customer Service 1-904-726-3265
Jennifer Curry, Supervisor Import Customer Service 1-904-726-3322
Dianne Schraud, Supervisor Import Customer Service 1-904-726-3271
Russ Koehler, Manager Export Documentation 1-904-722-2404
Gracie Cumbie, Administrative Assistant can also route your call 1-904-722-2406
Mary Anne Young, V.P. Customer Service can also be reached at 1-904-722-2402