Shipping with Reliability and Sustainability

Asia to South Africa
ASAF Service

Shipping with Reliability

South Africa’s growing demand for fashionable garments, vehicles, machineries for communication and construction, among other commodities, require a shipping partner of trust. Hamburg Süd’s sophisticated end-to-end services and management capabilities provides you with one of the most reliable and efficient links between Asia and South Africa markets.

Our two direct and weekly services from major China and Japan ports combined with our intermodal network will allow your products to reach South Africa main ports and beyond, including Johannesburg via rail and west Africa destinations.

Through our well-established offices in these locations, Hamburg Süd is able to serve and cater your logistic needs, offering additional intermodal solutions – No matter what.

ASAF Service
Asia to South Africa: 2 sailings per week

- Extensive coverage from China and Japan key ports to Cape Town, Durban and Port Elizabeth
- Reliable direct service to Luanda and Pointe-Noire
- Comprehensive inland service from Durban to Johannesburg by rail
- Door delivery to any destination in South Africa
- Modern vessel and equipment fleet

...and Sustainability

Hamburg Süd has taken up the responsibility to reduce the environmental impact involved throughout the company., which have continuously modernized our vessels and switched to cleaner fuels.

As a result, we had recorded a further reduction on CO2e emissions – by as much as 40% per TEUkm compared to 2009.

Since Hamburg Süd had signed the Declaration of the “United for Wildlife International Taskforce on the Transportation of Illegal Wildlife Products” in 2016, we have imposed a ban on 1,000-plus endangered species, listed in the Washington Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES).

  • Hamburg Süd has imposed a ban on the transportation of over 1,000 endangered animal and plant species.
  • Since 2013 we have been equipping all dry container newbuildings with bamboo floors.
  • No oil spills within the reporting period.
  • 67 ships of the fleet already have a ballast water treatment system.

To know more on our measures and commitment to the environment, please refer to our Sustainability Report 2016/17 .

Hamburg Süd highly personalized customer service, specialized cargo care and local expertise are at your disposal through our 250 offices worldwide.