United States to Australia - Mandatory Treatment Requirements for United States Export Cargo to Prevent Importation of Brown Marmorated Stink Bugs

(Morristown, NJ)…We are referring to our Customer Advisory dated August 1, 2018.

The Australian authorities have taken a firm position with regard to the fumigation requirements for imported cargo. Following the effective date of September 1, 2018, the first shipments have now arrived in Australia without proper fumigation which has resulted in:

  • Ships being denied entry
  • Ships being directed to standby berths to await inspection
  • Containers being barred from discharge including mandatory return to the port of loading.

We draw your attention to the following website for detailed information on fumigation requirements.

Effective immediately Hamburg Süd will require a certificate of fumigation (from an authorized fumigation provider in the United States) prior to loading at the port of loading for all:

  • Breakbulk cargo
  • Cargo loaded in Open Top containers
  • Cargo loaded on flatracks

For cargo shipped in closed containers we strongly recommend to also consult with the importer of record to confirm the fumigation capabilities at destination to avoid delays and additional costs.

We will keep you advised on any changes.