Barge connections Europe North West Continent Rhine area - Low water levels

Dear customer,

Due to the extreme weather conditions experienced over the last months, the river Rhine area (Netherlands, Germany, France & Switzerland) has been faced with significantly less rainfall. As a consequence, Rhine water levels have now reached an all-time low.

Larger barges are no longer able to pass the cities along the Upper Rhine and Neckar area in Germany and thus reducing transport capacity to a great extent. Alternatives are being sought but cannot cover the present transport demand. All customers should be aware of possible (heavy) delays and additional costs for Demurrage & Detention with respect to storage. In case a shift in modality is required (barge to rail or truck), the customers will be asked to confirm acceptance of the additional costs.

Rainfall is expected in Switzerland during the weekend of October 27th/28th (Week 43), but we do not expect this to be enough to return to normal levels. As winter is approaching, we presume we will be faced with low water levels in the Rhine for the coming period, keeping the pressure up on Upper Rhine / Neckar transport flows.

If you require more information, please contact your local sales manager or any of our customer service advisors.

With kind regards,

Hamburg Süd