China Export Terminal Handling Charge (THC) Update

Hamburg Süd would like to communicate that effective 20 March 2019 the Export Terminal Handling Charge (THC) from certain China ports will be revised as follows:

Equipment Type North China, Central China & Fujian Province
20' DRY / NOR RMB 616
40' DRY / NOR RMB 916
20' RF / Special EQU RMB 821
40' RF / Special EQU RMB 1,240

* Applies to all Trades
* THC for Dry units with Dangerous Goods remains unchanged.

In addition to THC further price elements will apply. For European Economic Area (EEA) related trades please click here .

Thank you for your continuous support of our services and please contact your local Hamburg Süd office should you require more information.