NEW Direct Service from Asia to Turkey

Since April 2019 Hamburg Süd offers a brand new service from Asia to the East Mediterranean – SERA 3. This dedicated corridor between Asia and Turkey counts on weekly departures from Far East main ports with the fastest transit times in the market.

At Turkey, the service calls directly Istanbul and Izmit – the main gateways for Turkey’s most developed industrial provinces. The ports of Gemlik, Aliaga, Mersin and Iskenderun are also available through Hamburg Süd transshipment network, connecting and delivering your cargo with reliability – no matter what.

Service Highlights
- Direct and weekly calls from China main ports
- Direct service from South Korea to Izmit and Istanbul
- Fastest Asia - Turkey transit times in market
- Transshipment options to Gemlik, Aliaga, Mesin and Iskenderun

Istanbul – Turkey’s largest city. Its historical and metropolitan atmosphere attracts millions of tourists every year, while offering at the same time endless trade opportunities, from the demand of daily consumer goods to high-end commodities.

Izmit – located at Kocaeli province, it serves as one of the important European automotive production hubs, where many international automotive manufactures are located, presenting a considerable demand for electronic, machinery, raw materials and parts.

Mersin – situated along the Mediterranean Coast, it is the largest seaport in Turkey with well-developed facilities and highway connections to North, East, West and Southern Railway facilities in the country.

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