The Next Level of Reefer Transports!

We listen to our customers, know how important a well-functioning transport chain is for them, and feel personally responsible for it – especially when it comes to reefer container transports.

Therefore, Hamburg Sud has made major investments in cutting-edge Remote Container Management (RCM) technology installed on our reefer container fleet, aiming to support the optimization of your reefer supply chain - No matter what.

The RCM provides you with:

Transparency: Clear, real-time overview on the state of your shipment and cargo 24/7

Flexibility: Data-driven decisions can be made during the journey, cargoes can diverted to another destination as desired

Visibility: With RCM, you ensure that all partners in the transport chain are held accountable to their promises

  • With a simple registration, customers can enjoy the benefits of the Remote Container Management (RCM) platform via any online devices anytime, anywhere.

What’s the advantage of a Reefer with RCM?

Graphs illustrates temperature, humidity, CO2 and O2 levels inside the reefer

Track & Trace the location of reefer throughout the journey

Off-power periods identification allows corrective and preventive measures with set point change during transit

Quality standards and regulatory requirements on specific products can be proven with RCM data

Value added with the downloadable RCM data for faster release and transportation arrangements to end-customers

Notification service in cases of inconsistencies occurs

Our highly personalized customer service, specialized cargo care and local expertise are at your disposal through our 250 offices worldwide.


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