Coronavirus: North America to Mainland China Operations

(Morristown, NJ)…For the majority of Mainland China, staff and operational status remain the same with Hamburg Süd operations continuing to operate uninterrupted (except Wuhan). Please visit this page for regular updates on our global measures regarding the Coronavirus.

Blank Sailings Announced

As we see a further reduction in demand due to the extended holiday period, we have today announced the following blank sailings:

Service Vessel Last Port ETD
String 3 (TP6) MSC Ariane’ 005N Xiamen February 5th
String 1 (TP8) Gerner Maersk’ 005N Yokohama February 8th
String 2 (TP2) MSC Bettina’ 006N Shanghai February 4th
String 1 (TP8) Maersk Algol’ 006N Yokohama February 5th
String 4 (TP9) Zim Ningbo’ 007N Busan February 6th
String 5 (TP17) Maersk Sofia’ 005W Singapore February 5th
String 6 (TP88) GH Levant’ 005E Busan February 6th
String 3 (TP16) Seamax Stratford’ 006E Busan February 4th
String 1 (TP10) Santa Loretta’ 006E Busan March 1st

We continue to monitor the situation and assess any further network capacity adjustments. We will update you as soon as any decision is made to change our network.

Warehouse and Depot

All the warehouses and depots follow local government regulations to resume operation.

USA Port Arrival Procedures Announced

The US Coast Guard announced new US port arrival procedures effective immediately for vessels that have called Chinese ports (excluding Hong Kong and Macau). The incoming vessel must report to the US Coast Guard Captain of the Port on the crew’s health. And, as long as there are no sick crew members on board, vessels will be allowed to berth normally.

Holiday Extensions

Our Customer Service teams are working on an extended on-duty plan together with our account teams and customers to mitigate any potential impact to our customers’ cargo plans.

Please contact your Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.