Customer Information - Instant bookings

Removal of cancellation fee for Change of Origin, Destination or Vessel in the month of April

Dear customer,

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak in Europe and corresponding uncertainties whether cargo can be loaded as anticipated, we would like to inform you that cancellation fees in regards to Change of Origin (COO), Change of Destination (COD) and/or Change of Vessel (COV) will be waived for all Instant bookings placed with a first port ETD, on or after, April 1st until April 30th 2020 on the following trades ex Europe:

  • Europe to Far East Asia
  • North and South Europe to Middle East, Indian Subcontinent and Red Sea Countries
  • Europe to Latin America
  • Europe to Canada
  • Europe to Oceania

For a detailed description of the above mentioned charges please refer to our Instant Fee overview available via following link:

Thank you for your continuous support on our services. Please contact your local Hamburg Süd office should you require more information.

With kind regards,
Hamburg Süd