Hong Kong - Terminal Handling Charge (THC) Update

Effective 1st June 2020, the import and export Terminal Handling Charge (THC) to/ from Hong Kong ports will be adjusted to as follows:

Pacific Trades* Other Trades Container Type
HKD 2,265 HKD 2,200 20 'Standard
HKD 2,800 HKD 2,800 20' Reefer
HKD 3,105 HKD 3,000 40' Standard & High-cube
HKD 3,800 HKD 3,800 40' Reefer & Reefer High-cube

* Pacific Trades defined as the trades between Hong Kong and the United States, Canada, Guam, Virgin Islands (US), Puerto Rico and American Samoa.

In addition to THC further price elements will apply. For European Economic Area (EEA) related trades please click here .

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