United States East Coast – South Africa - “Maersk Vilnius” Voyage 15 S - Update No. 3

(Morristown, NJ)…Tugboats have reached the “Maersk Vilnius” 15 S and are currently towing the ship to Manzanillo, Panama for further evaluation.

Current earliest arrival time in Manzanillo, Panama is May 8. All containers onboard the vessel will be discharged to allow for the ship to be repaired.

The “Maersk Visby” 18 S inducement vessel call to Manzanillo, Panama is scheduled for May 10th. Cargo to Port Elizabeth, South Africa is estimated to arrive on May 30th.

We will provide an update when contingency plans have been determined.

Please contact your Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.