United States East Coast – East Coast of South America - Schedule Update Blank Sailing

(Morristown, NJ)…Due to expected low seasonal demand, the July 28, 2020 departure from New York (“Monte Pascoal” voyage 031) will be cancelled. The adjusted July schedule is as follows:

Vessel/Voyage “Northern Magnitude”
Voyage 030sb
“Monte Pascoal”
Voyage 031sb
“Northern Magnum”
Voyage 032sb
New York July 21-22 Omit August 4-5
Philadelphia July 23-24 Omit August 6-7
Norfolk July 25 Omit August 8
Charleston July 27 Omit August 10
Jacksonville July 28-29 Omit August 11-12
Port Everglades July 30-31 Omit August 13-14
Santos August 12-13 Omit August 26-27
Buenos Aires August 15-16 Omit August 29-30
Rio Grande August 18-19 Omit September 1-2
Itapoa August 20-21 Omit September 3-4

Please contact your Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.