West Coast North America to Australia/New Zealand Service - Temporary Service Change

(Morristown, NJ)…The port congestion in Sydney remains quite difficult with extensive waiting times for ships and heavy terminal capacity utilization. In an effort to minimize schedule delays, we have decided to reduce the call frequency in Sydney to fortnightly. All southbound departures to Australia/Zealand will continue to accept Sydney cargo but in the off-week (ship not calling Sydney) the Sydney-bound cargo will be off-loaded in Melbourne for onforwarding on the subsequent Sydney caller. The port rotation in Australia will therefore be Melbourne-Sydney. The next departures show the following dates:

Long Beach departure times:

“ANL Tongala” voyage 36sb
Sailed Sept. 20 not calling Sydney transshipping via Melbourne

“Debussy” voyage 37sb
Departing Sept. 27 calling Melbourne & Sydney  

“London Express” voyage 38sb
Departing Oct 4 not calling Sydney transshipping via Melbourne

“Cap Capricorn” voyage 39sb
Departing Oct 14 calling Melbourne & Sydney  

“Kota Ekspres” voyage 40sb
Departing Oct 18 not calling Sydney transshipping via Melbourne

“Brotonne Bridge” 41sb
Departing Oct 24 calling Melbourne & Sydney  

We will closely monitor the situation in Sydney and keep you informed.

Please contact your Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.