All Trades from and into Guyana - Documentation Fee Export & Import Terminal Handling Charges

Dear Valued Customer,

Hamburg Süd wish to inform their customers of the implementation of Import Terminal Handling Charge and Export Documentation Fee applied at all Guyanese ports, which will apply to all cargo loaded or received for shipment on or after 15th May 2021.

Surcharge levels are as follows:

Charge Code Origin Destination Container Size/Type Charge basis Currency Levels
DOC F EX Guyana World 20' / 40' B/L USD 50
THC IM World Guyana 20' / 40' Per container USD 100

In addition to THC (Origin), further price elements will apply:

  • Base Rate, please click here
  • Bunker related charges and surcharges, please click here
  • LSS (ECA), please click here
  • Security related charges and surcharges – respectively applicable at the Port of Origin and the Port of Destination –, please click here
  • Additional charges and surcharges reflecting foreseeable high demand (such as Peak Season Surcharges), please click here
  • All other applicable surcharges, such as local charges and contingency charges, valid at the time of shipment.

We want to thank you for your business and look forward to continuously serving your transportation needs. If you require more information, please contact your local sales manager or any of our customer service advisors.

With kind regards,
Hamburg Süd