Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) from North Europe and Mediterranean to Central America, Caribbean, South America West Coast and Middle America

Dear Valued Customer,

In order to keep providing you with our global services, Hamburg Süd is increasing the current Peak Season Surcharges (PSS) Ex North Europe and Mediterranean countries to Central America, Caribbean, South America West Coast Countries and Middle Americaeffective as of 7th June 2021 for Non-Regulated corridors and from 17th June for Regulated corridors (Colombia and Puerto Rico).

Peak Season Surcharge (PSS) will be increased by below amounts:

Charge code Origin Destination Container
Charge basis Currency Levels
PSS All Origins Mexico 40’DRY/40’DRYHC Per
USD 1,500
PSS All Origins Central
Caribbean, South America
West Coast,
40’DRY/40’DRYHC Per
EUR/USD 1,750

Effective date is based on the loading date according to pro forma.

In order to ensure 40’DRY/40’DRYHC Equipment for already placed bookings we further have to stop booking acceptance for 40’DRY/DRYHC Equipment for all sailings, within mentioned trade scope, until June 6th, 2021.

We want to thank you for your business and look forward to continuously serving your transportation needs. If you require more information, please contact your local sales manager or any of our customer service advisors.

With kind regards,

Hamburg Süd