Pacific Coast – Mediterranean Service (MCPS) - Schedule Update

(Florham Park, NJ)…Further to our Customer Advisory dated May 7, 2021, we regret to advise that the port delays, especially in Oakland, have increased significantly. As previously advised, the outbound Oakland call has been cancelled and all export cargo from Oakland will be loaded on the inbound call. The available capacity however is very limited so we are unable to accept all booking requests. We will do our best to mitigate the impact.

Please find below the current schedule dates:

Vessel / Voyage “Tokyo Express“ v 124eb “Dubai Express“ v 126eb “Fos Express“ v 127eb “Seattle Express“ v 128eb “Dusseldorf Express“ v 129eb “Cap Jackson“ v 130sb “Seoul Express“ v 131eb
Long Beach Jun 12-14 Jun 18-21 Jun 27-28 Jul 4-5 Jul 11-12 Jul 16-17 Jul 23-24
Oakland Jul 1-2 Jul 2-3 Jul 16 Jul 22-23 Jul 29-30 Jul 28-29 Aug 4-5
Vancouver Jul 13-14 Jul 12-13 Jul 17-18 Jul 24-25 Jul 31 – Aug 1 Jul 30-31 Aug 6-7
Seattle Jul 17-19 Jul 18-19 Jul 22-23 Jul 29-30 Aug 5-6 Aug 3-4 Aug 10-11
Oakland Omit Omit Omit Omit Omit Omit Omit
Long Beach Omit Omit Omit Omit Omit Omit Omit

We do not expect an improvement in the operational performance of the ports and terminals in the near future and recommend that additional buffer time is built into your supply chain.

Please contact your Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.