Customer Advisory - South America West Coast Service

CLX Service Update

Dear Valued Customer,

We would like to share the below update in regards to loading plans for future vessels departing San Antonio, terminal Puerto Central. These plans are subject to change due to weather conditions and vessel operations.

Polar Ecuador” 137N –ETD September23, 2021: this vessel will keep prioritizing the cargo that is already on terminal that was rescheduled in previous weeks.

Polar Mexico” 138N –ETD September 30, 2021 and “Polar Peru” 139N –ETD October 10, 2021: these vessels will keep prioritizing the cargo already on terminal that was rescheduled from the “Polar Ecuador”. Both of these vessels will not be able to accept new cargo for entering the terminal or loading

Please take the below items into consideration for the above mentioned voyages

- Stacking/cargo cut off on terminal is closed until further notice as priority is to load cargo already on terminal and rescheduled from a previous voyage.

- For equipment that has already been picked up, we ask that you please store these units until we can open Stacking on terminal

- For bookings where equipment has not yet been picked up, we suggest that you please refrain from picking up equipment and reschedule these bookings for a later voyage as we are not able to confirm loading plans for these bookings.

Please contact your Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.