Capacity & Service adjustments for 2022: West Coast South America, Caribbean, and Central America from/to North Europe

Dear Valued Customer,

The unprecedented scale of operational challenges restricting supply during the pandemic has led to significant bottlenecks, capacity challenges and unforeseen delays across supply chains. This has made it increasingly difficult to deliver high service quality to customers. With the aim to improve reliability and service quality, effective January 2022 the following changes will be performed in the West Coast South America, Caribbean, and Central America from/to North Europe markets .

Hamburg Süd will continue deploying 3 dedicated strings from/to North Europe with increased service delivery and superior transit times, with the following adjustments:

  • The EMCS service will become the Costa Rica Express (CRX) service and will remain largely unchanged with the addition of Veracruz and Altamira in Mexico providing a new direct and uniquely reliable export service.
  • The Chile Express (CLX) service will continue providing a fast and direct connection between North Europe, Peru and Chile with improved reliability.
  • Hamburg Süd is pleased to introduce the Colombia Express (COEX) service offering a dedicated product from North Europe to the Caribbean and Mexico.
  • The Ecubex service will cease operations as from January 2022, Mexico will be covered by Costa Rica Express (CRX) and Colombia Express (COEX).
  • The Eurosal service will remain unchanged

This decision has not been taken lightly and Hamburg Süd will work to minimize any negative impacts to customer supply chains that may result from the above changes. Additional details will be communicated during November 2021, providing customers with adequate lead time for planning.

In the meantime, should you have any questions, please contact your local customer service or sales representative.

Best regards,
Your Hamburg Süd team