United States Gulf Coast - East Coast South America (UCLA)

Schedule Update

(Florham Park, NJ)…Please be advised for schedule recovery reasons, we will be sliding voyages on the UCLA service by 1 week starting with the vessel “MSC NOA“ v 152nb. Please see the following for the rest of the fleet.

Currently Adjusted To New ETD
MSC NOA“ v 203 sb MSC NOA“ v 204 sb Houston Feb 6
Maersk Yangtze“ v 204 sb Maersk Yangtze“ v 205 sb Houston Feb 13
MSC Cadiz“ v 205 sb Maersk Yangtze“ v 205 sb Houston Feb 13
Monte Tamaro“ v 206 sb MSC Cadiz“ v 206 sb Houston Feb 21
Monte Pascoal“ v 207 sb Monte Tamaro“ v 207 sb Houston Feb 27
MH Hamburg“ v 208 sb Monte Pascoal“ v 208 sb Houston Mar 6
Monte Aconcagua“ v 209 sb MH Hamburg“ v 209 sb Houston Mar 13

Please contact your Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.