Customer Advisory - North America Gulf Coast – South America East Coast Service (GS1)

Trades & Direction: Southbound

Service/allocation week: GULFEX-GS1/ Week 42 Allocation Week

Vessel/Voyage: “Cape Pioneer” 242S

(Florham Park, NJ)…We regret to inform you that the above-mentioned service/week(s) has been removed from the schedule for all customers. The global supply chain has incurred delays that could not be mitigated, and it was necessary to reset service proforma and schedules to avoid further increased delays to the supply chain.

As such, we have removed the above mentioned sailing – to correct the network back to plan.

With Allocation Week 42

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your continued understanding. Please note that we always do our utmost to ensure that when situations such as this one occur, allocation is vacated to remaining network with enough prenotice to limit exposure to additional rolling.

Should you wish to know more about the situation please contact Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.