Network update - Service Contingency Announcement

Dear customer,

As part of APMM’s efforts to minimise delays and alleviate operational congestion in North European ports, effective from CAP SAN MARCO 206N/210S, the RIVER PLATE EXPRESS service will omit the port of Rotterdam, instead calling the port of Bremerhaven NTB from mid March onwards to end of April.

Our belief is that by enacting this temporary change in the RIVER PLATE EXPRESS service, we may be able to ease some of the severe operational bottleneck issues observed across all main European ports. These temporary changes to the RIVER PLATE EXPRESS service will mean that instead of imports going through the port of Rotterdam, transhipment will be done via Bremerhaven, Germany, or served via alternative North European ports on the service (Hamburg /Bremerhaven/Antwerp). In cases of exports normally done through Rotterdam, they will now be conducted directly via Antwerp.

The first vessel that will redirect and omit Rotterdam, and instead call to Bremerhaven, will be CAP SAN MARCO v206N/210S. The first vessel to return to the original RIVER PLATE EXPRESS service calling Rotterdam instead of Bremerhaven, will be CAP SAN RAPHAEL 212N/216S, end of April. Should any change arise pertaining to voyages or overall situation, we will make sure to inform you immediately. We thank you for your trust and loyalty, and look forward to continuing to assist and work with you on all matters pertaining to your logistical needs.

Should you have any further questions, please contact your local Hamburg Süd professional. Our customer service and commercial teams are always available to support should you need assistance.

Your Hamburg Süd team