Container Protect (Import to Italy)

Dear Customers,

We at Hamburg Süd are always by your side, and that’s why we are continuously striving to simplify the way you do business with us.

Container damages can happen at any stage of your supply chain, so we decided to launch a new product that provides hassle-free damage settlement process with no surprise costs (within the coverage limit).

As from 04th April 2022 Container Protect Essential (CP1) will come into effect, and it will be applicable to all shipments imported into Italy as part of your mandatory destination charges replacing the existing Cleaning Fee (CLEANING).

Below you can find more details about this product.

Container Protect Essential (CP1):

 Tariff: EUR 15 per 20' and EUR 19 per 40'

 Applicable to all import shipments and mandatory for all commodities.

 Provides coverage for container repair and cleaning costs up to EUR 200

Applicable from the 04th April 2022 Rate Applicability Date (RAD).

If you want to upgrade your package to have unlimited coverage for container damage/cleaning costs, we will be offering Container Protect Add-On as optional purchase – more details about this package will be provided soon.

For any additional information please feel free to reach out to your local Hamburg Süd Customer Service representatives.

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Hamburg Süd