Far East Asia to Europe Services AE7 (NERA 4) – voyage number changes

Dear Valued Customer,

The conflict in Ukraine and subsequent legal sanctions imposed against Russia by governments around the world has created a ripple effect across the global supply chain. We are seeing a high degree of uncertainty and significant delays on the network, while restrictions and stringent checks at transshipment hubs have impacted the readiness of export cargo from Asia.

In an effort to adjust network deployment across the market and to improve schedule visibility – Hamburg Süd has adjusted the following schedules:

Week Service First Impacted Vessel Original Voyage number WB/EB New Voyage number WB/EB Ningbo ETD
17 AE7/NERA 4 MATZ MAERSK 216W/221E 217W/222E 25-April-2022
18 AE7/NERA 4 MSC LEANNE 217W/222E 218W/223E 07-May-2022
19 AE7/NERA 4 EDITH MAERSK 218W/223E 219W/224E 11-May-2022
20 AE7/NERA 4 EMMA MAERSK 219W/224E 220W/225E 18-May-2022
21 AE7/NERA 4 MONACO MAERSK 220W/225E 221W/226E 27-May-2022
22 AE7/NERA 4 ELEONORA MAERSK 221W/226E 222W/227E 30-May-2022
23 AE7/NERA 4 ESTELLE MAERSK 222W/227E 223W/228E 07-June-2022
25 AE7/NERA 4 EBBA MAERSK 223W/228E 224W/229E 20-June-2022
26 AE7/NERA 4 MARCHEN MAERSK 224W/229E 225W/230E 27-June-2022
28 AE7/NERA 4 EVELYN MAERSK 225W/230E 226W/231E 12-July-2022
29 AE7/NERA 4 MSC HAMBURG 226W/231E 227W/232E 20-July-2022
* First Effective Sailing subject to voyage number change

We will ensure the impact to our customers is minimized in advance by rebooking the cargo to the remaining network with alternative products and will communicate in case of any further changes separately in due course.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. We look forward to continuing working with you in the future. If you have any questions, please contact your local customer service or sales representative .

Kind regards,
Your Hamburg Süd Team