Customer Advisory - Changes in Weight Levels - 2022 Quebec Spring Thaw Period


(Florham Park, NJ)…Further to our Customer Advisory of March 7, 2022, we at Hamburg Süd constantly strive to provide reliable and innovative products to our customers. To continue offering our high-quality reliability, we would like to alert you to changes in Quebec Weight Levels for 2022 based on the Spring Thaw Period.

The Quebec Ministry of Transport has issued its regulations for the annual Spring Thaw Period. This restriction is placed by the local authorities to account for road network’s lower weight bearing capacity during the annual thaw period. The weight restrictions apply to all truck movement to and from Quebec.

The Ministry of transport de Quebec has issued new end dates for Spring Thaw restrictions as follows which are subject to change:

Zone 1: From Monday, March 21 (00:01) to Friday, May 6 (23:59)

Zone 2: From Monday, March 21 (00:01) to Friday, May 20 (23:59)

Zone 3: From Monday, March 21 (00: 01) to Friday, May 20 (23:59)

To comply with the regulations – Hamburg Süd will implement the following maximum acceptable cargo weight restrictions:

For Cross Border shipments:

Container Type Dry Reefer Surcharge
20' Up to 47,000 lbs Up to 46,000 lbs N/A
20' 47,001 - 52,910 lbs 46,001 - 50,500 lbs $390
40' Up to 44,000 lbs Up to 44,000 lbs N/A
40' 44,001 to 52, 900 lbs 44,001 to 46,296 lbs $390

For Montreal to Toronto and vice versa:

Container Type Dry Reefer Surcharge
20' Up to 40,000 lbs Up to 49,600 lbs N/A
20' 40,001 - 52,000 lbs 49,601 to 53,810 lbs $390
40' Up to 44,000 lbs Up to 40,000 lbs N/A
40' 44,001 to 52,010 lbs 44,001 to 50,500 lbs $390

Weight restrictions are not limited to the total cargo weight in the container. Restrictions require proper weight distribution over the axles.

Please refer to below map, should guidance be required on zone geography:

*Thaw Period Dates are subject to change without any notification and are dependent on weather conditions. Please refer

to the Quebec Ministry of Transport for the most update to date details:

We would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for doing business with us. Please contact your Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have