North Europe: Key Region Ports - Update

Dear Valued Customer,

The situation at ports across North Europe is continuing to pose challenges and cause disruption to the global supply chain. And although we are beginning to see some signs of stability at terminals in Germany, yard density levels and waiting times remain extremely high.

Hamburg Süd teams are working closely with ports and exploring a number of congestion-easing options – including in-transit/off-dock storage options for longstanding cargo – but we are anticipating challenges to continue throughout the summer months. This is likely to be further exacerbated by a reduction in resources and labour typically associated with the summer holiday season.

As such, we are once again politely asking customers to pick up full inbound units as quickly as possible and make empty containers available for exports. Please also return full export containers as late as possible before cargo cut-off times. We are very grateful for the collaborative efforts we’ve already seen from our customers to reduce congestion, and we hope we can continue to work together to ensure operations run as smoothly as possible.

Our teams have evaluated that redirecting shipments to nearby facilities – such as Gdansk, Wilhelmshaven, or Zeebrugge – could speed up delivery/pick-up and reduce the impact on your business. If you have fewer resources to pick up containers during the summer months or high warehouse capacity levels, nearby Addicks & Kreye is also available for you to store your full containers and could once again ease congestion issues.

We therefore encourage you to reach out to your local Customer Experience representative to discuss options for your cargo and how we can help to manage your supply chain challenges.

Meanwhile, CLA negotiations between trade union ver.di and the Central Association of German Seaport Companies (ZDS) are yet to reach a successful conclusion and could result in strike action at short notice. We will communicate any further developments with you as soon as possible.

Rest assured, our utmost priority is keeping customer disruption to a minimum and Hamburg Süd teams are working around the clock to ensure you have all the information and tools needed to manage your supply chain effectively. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions.

Kind regards,
Your Hamburg Süd Team