North Europe: Key Region Ports

Update on the situation in the Ports of Bremerhaven, Hamburg, Rotterdam

Dear Valued Customer,

Please find our latest update regarding the port situation in

Bremerhaven & Hamburg

In Hamburg the operations at the port are fully resumed following the agreement between the trade union ver.di and the Central Association of German Seaport Companies (ZDS).

We are seeing an improvement of the overall situation at the Ports of Bremerhaven and Hamburg, with reduced vessel waiting times and lowered pressure on inland transportation. Yard density levels remain high but not critical, while some concerns remain due to the high numbers of long-standing units, which is putting operational effectiveness under risk. Hamburg Süd teams continue working with the terminal to mitigate any delays and are kindly requesting customers to please continue picking up import cargo as soon as possible after discharge.

Due to rainfall and rising water levels on the Rhine, barge transportation delays and inland capacity bottlenecks via Antwerp and Rotterdam are reduced, which is decreasing pressure on the German ports and helping to normalise rail and truck transportation.


The overall situation at the Port of Rotterdam is improving, with berth waiting times decreasing in recent weeks. While yard density levels are slightly improving, we are expecting a slight temporary increase during big discharge calls and seeing high number of long-standing units. To help maintain operations at a feasible level and mitigate further delays, Hamburg Süd teams are kindly requesting customers to please pick up import cargo as soon as possible upon discharge.

Due to recent rainfall and rising water levels on the Rhine, barge transportation delays are minimising, and helping lower the pressure on inland transportation. While this comes as good news, barge transport remains under pressure as barges are still not being fully loaded as at normal water levels.

In the UK, new strike actions have been announced for Port of Felixstowe and Port of Liverpool, which are expected to cause a ripple effect on schedule reliability in the North European hub ports. Our teams are currently reviewing the line-up for the impacted vessels and working hard on planning appropriate contingencies to mitigate the impact on our customers. We expect to share more information in the coming days as we finalise the planning. For most recent updates on strike action at UK ports, please check here.

Our teams continue to work hard on minimising any disruptions to our customers, while providing you with reliable information to help manage your supply chain.

In case of any open questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Customer Experience representative .

We are always by your side.

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Your Hamburg Süd Team