Aliança Navegação e Logística donates container to the Brazilian Navy in Manaus

Aliança Navegação e Logística delivered a 40-foot container to the Brazilian Navy in Manaus, which includes the states of Amazonas, Roraima, Rondônia and Acre, where nine directly subordinated military organizations operate.

Currently, the facilities of the Brazilian Navy in Manaus are in an area listed as historical patrimony by the National Historical and Artistic Heritage Institute (IPHAN), and can not make modifications or build new compartments. As there was a great need for more space for material and equipment storage, Aliança Navegação e Logística, which has a dedicated container logistics evaluation department (Container Sales), decided to help the institution.

“We hope that the container can expand the space required by the Brazilian Navy in Manaus, facilitating the work of the teams in the Amazon Naval Command”, said Otávio Cabral, manager of Aliança in the North of Brazil.

Aliança has a social responsibility program, which includes the donation of containers for important projects in various locations. This year, the company promoted during Intermodal an action to select the project that, according to visitors to the event, should receive a container as a donation. In Manaus, the company donated a container for the implementation of a public library in wooded space in the Conjunto João Bosco. Fully adapted, the container has 7,000 copies of books available to the population.

Another recent donation was made to the AIDS Prevention Support Group, GAPA, in Santa Catarina, in the South of Brazil. The goal is to use the container as support for disease awareness and prevention materials. Each year, there are 12 thousand people served, counting services provided at headquarters, in communities and lectures on prevention. GAPA is maintained exclusively through donations.