Asia to North America West Coast - Maersk Enshi Voy 740E

(San Francisco, CA)… Due to unforeseen delays, the “Maersk Enshi” voy740E will phase out of string 2 of the Asia to West Coast North America service. The vessel will be replaced by “Guthorn Maersk” voy 740E at Shanghai. Following are the revised sailing dates.

To United States West Coast

“Guthorn Maersk” V.740/744: ETD Ningbo Oct 13
  ETD Shanghai Oct 15
  ETA Long Beach Oct 26

The contingency plan for cargo already on board “Maersk Enshi” voy 740E will be informed shortly.

We regret any inconvenience caused by this delay.

Please contact your Hamburg Sud representative with any questions you may have.