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Standard Booking FAQs

Yes, you can see your agreement rates next to the schedule information if you have a valid agreement with us which is matching with your search input. The indicated prices are for information only. The final invoiced amount will be based on your commercial agreement valid at time fo shipment, subject to seasonal surcharges and a possible repricing based on actual shipped cargo weight and commodities.

You can copy your booking by selecting it in the booking overview. To the right of your booking you can find a button that lets you copy your booking. Alternatively, you can open your booking to see the booking details. At the bottom of the page you will also be able to select "Copy this booking".

You can amend the booking by selecting the booking in the booking overview. At the bottom of the page you will have the option to ammend the booking.

A booking can be cancelled by selecting it in the booking overview. At the bottom of the newly opened page you will be able to cancel the booking.

DG Booking FAQs

In our web booking system you can click the DG checkbox which you will find right under the Commodity dropdown field. Later in the booking entry process you will be asked to provide us the UN-Number and some further DG-details. Moreover, there is a document upload function available in the system. Please use this function to upload your Dangerous Goods Declaration (DGD). As the DGD contains all important information needed, our customer service can quickly process your DG booking request.

Yes, you can amend an already submitted DG booking request as long as the web booking status still shows REQUESTED. For Dg web booking requests with other status, an amendment is not possible anymore. In these cases, please direclty contact your local Hamburg Süd office.

Yes, you can upload up to five DG documents (pdf only) via our website. Whereas for us, at this early stage of the DG booking process, the Dangerous Goods Declaration is the most important one. DG documents can still be submitted the conventional way via e-mail.