A cornerstone of our business

Hamburg Süd customers deserve to always receive the best products and the highest quality from us. To ensure this, since decades Hamburg Süd has worked with internal management systems supported by standardized processes, governance and guidelines which are consistent with our aspiration of being a high-quality container logistics operator. This goes hand in hand with our goals on environmental sustainability and the all-important safety of our people, ships and cargo.

“Our mission is to ensure continuous high quality and customer satisfaction also in the future. Therefore we have established a new, simplified and streamlined Hamburg Süd Quality Management System. This combines the best of two worlds: our many years of experience with our previous ISO certifications that we can build on (we are no longer ISO 9001 certified and we are now ISO 14001 certified as part of the Maersk Group) and a customized QMS which gives us the possibility to respond more flexibly to our customers’ individual needs.”

The guiding principles of Quality Management practiced throughout Hamburg Süd are described in the Hamburg Süd Quality Management Charter. Essential pillars are amongst others continuous process improvements, customer audits, the evaluation of suppliers and service providers as well as the training of our employees. Through these efforts our customers can always rely on a global quality management system that:

  • Follows the principles of the Maersk Group as well as guidelines and standards from leading institutes such as ISO but also industry best practice
  • Ensures that we continuously assess and adapt our end to end processes to meet our high quality goals
  • Meets our customer’s individual requirements, some of which far exceed the ISO requirements.

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