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Looking forward to seeing you at the CIIE in Shanghai!
November 6, 2020

It’s time once again for the China International Import Expo! Although things are obviously different for many of us this year – and you may not be able to attend the massive trade fair in person – we won’t let that stop us from telling you how we can help meet your logistics needs.

Hamburg Süd’s Web SI: Now more flexible and user-friendly
October 7, 2020

We are continuously expanding our eCommerce functionalities for you. Effective immediately, you can benefit from an enhancement to our web shipping instruction (SI) solution.

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Improved organization for even better service
September 1, 2020

Recent months have clearly shown what truly matters when the going gets tough: being decisive, solution-oriented, and reliable. Hamburg Süd has always strived to embody precisely these values – we listen to our customers and are always focused on their needs and how we can assist them. From October 1 on, we will further strengthen Hamburg Süd’s brand promises while simultaneously offering new benefits to our customers.

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Hamburg Süd is by your side - imagefilme
By Your Side – Hamburg Süd presents new image film
June 9, 2020

For us, logistics is a passion. We are by your side and the perfect partner when it comes to transports with premium service. In a world that is changing constantly and at an ever-quicker pace, we take the time to listen to you in order to come up with the best-possible solution for your precious cargo. This promise to our customers makes us unique – while also being part of the DNA of Hamburg Süd. Our new image film translates this special promise into images. We hope you enjoy it!

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Message on a box: Hamburg Süd sends art from Hamburg around the world
May 19, 2020

It took the Hamburg-based artist Jeannine Platz four days to transform one of Hamburg Süd’s red 40-foot containers into a large artwork measuring roughly 12 x 2.5 meters. What’s more, she painted the picture of the Port of Hamburg using only her hands. The container-turned-piece of art will now be traveling around the world for a year and to almost every continent. In this way, Hamburg Süd will be supporting the project of this painter , which aims to set an example of global solidarity and interconnectedness in these difficult times.

Drawing competition children Hamburg Süd
Children around the world paint Hamburg Süd ships
May 12, 2020

Roughly 70 children between the ages of two and 13 participated in Hamburg Süd’s recent painting/drawing contest. Allow yourself to be inspired by the creativity and positive spirit of the young artists!

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Personal Notifications for reefer transports
New premium feature of Remote Container Management: Personalized Notifications
May 4, 2020

With the new premium feature “Personalized Notifications”, you will now be able to define the temperature deviation in the refrigerated container at which you would like to receive a notification.

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Detention in Transit by Hamburg Süd
April 23, 2020

Detention in Transit is a product that lets customers temporarily store their containers in a dedicated transhipment port for up to 14 days, allowing for a slowdown of cargo flows and more flexibility in managing storage constraints and demand fluctuations.

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Digital solutions at Hamburg Süd: Use the electronic bill of lading (eB/L) now
April 9, 2020

The crisis triggered by the coronavirus outbreak is posing major challenges to the entire supply chain. Given the current circumstances, we are also by your side with our convenient e-commerce solutions – which are both fast and easy to use!

COVID-19 Hamburg Süd remains reachable
Coronavirus: Hamburg Süd remains reachable
March 16, 2020

You would be aware of the growing situation globally regarding COVID-19. However, even in these challenging times, we will do everything we can to keep delivering the high-quality services you are accustomed to receiving from Hamburg Süd.

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Green gold, perfectly ripened
March 2, 2020

Avocado – the berries full of good fats are conquering the shelves of food stores across the world. And making all this possible are transports in refrigerated containers and the experience of our reefer experts.

Hamburg Süd Web Shipping Instruction
Simpler and faster: take advantage of our new Web Shipping Instruction!
February 27, 2020

We’re happy to announce that we’ve enhanced and improved the Hamburg Süd Web Shipping Instruction for you. With its modernized design and additional functions, the new version is much more user-friendly than before.

Hamburg Süd Intermodal Services Colombia
Seamless, reliable and efficient: new intermodal services in Colombia
January 21, 2020

Hamburg Süd offers and is continuing to develop a range of services that gets your cargo from door-to-door. In January 2020, we are introducing several new intermodal services to ensure the seamless and efficient transportation of your goods from and to locations in the Colombian hinterland.

Hamburg Süd Patagonia
Throwback Thursday: Prosperity for the “Wild South”
January 16, 2020

About 120 years ago, Hamburg Süd played an important role in opening up one of the most remote regions in the world: Patagonia. An adventurous and pioneering achievement via steamship.

RCM – the game changer for reefer transports is now available
January 9, 2020

Do you regularly ship fruits or other sensitive goods? Do you wonder what happens to your goods during transport inside the reefer container? Would you like to have an overview of the conditions inside the container? The new Remote Container Management (RCM) technology is the way to go for your reefer container shipments. RCM monitors parameters such as temperature, relative humidity, and the concentrations of O₂ and CO₂ within the reefer container in real time and along the whole transport chain.

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Good news for Hamburg Süd services between South America West Coast and the Caribbean to Europe services
January 6, 2020

Starting in January 2020, we will be offering you improved services between South America West Coast and the Caribbean to Europe. Our customers will continue to benefit from the most efficient and reliable network in the market, fast transit times and wide coverage in these trades.

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Pampering pumpkins en route
November 12, 2019

Halloween isn’t the only time in the world when it’s peak season for pumpkins. Today, the healthy vegetable is an integral part of many cuisines around the globe. When transporting them in containers, having the right temperature and optimal ventilation are key factors for ensuring that they arrive at their destination undamaged.

“Like a wild horse”
November 1, 2019

Traveling in the days of steamships was not for the fainthearted. This can be seen in the excerpts from the fascinating diary of a traveler to South America on the Hamburg Süd steamer “Rio” in the late 19th century.

Hamburg Süd’s banana desks: Ahead of the curve 24/7
Octobre 24, 2019

Bananas place high demands on the logistics industry. This has prompted Hamburg Süd to set up its own “banana desks” for its customers. In Miami (USA), San José (Costa Rica), Medellín (Colombia), Guayaquil (Ecuador) and Hamburg (Germany), Hamburg Süd specialists make sure that this sensitive tropical fruit has the best transport conditions possible.

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Look, book, relax: Hamburg Süd launches INSTANT
September 20, 2019

The easy new way of booking cargo online: With INSTANT we are now offering you a smart solution to book your cargo on the Hamburg Süd website in just a few clicks. Instant is the future of booking cargo – and offers you many benefits, such as enhanced certainty in your planning, transparency and efficiency.

Enhanced service between Southeast Asia and Australia
August 29, 2019

The Oceania trade has always been a key element in Hamburg Süd’s global network of liner services. Beginning in October 2019, we offer you an expanded and enhanced “AUSE” service between Australia and Southeast Asia.

Come visit Hamburg Süd at these trade fairs!
August 6, 2019

Between late August and mid-November 2019, you will be able to meet with Hamburg Süd representatives at eleven trade fairs around the globe. Visit us at our booth, where our logistics experts look forward to speaking with you – and to jointly developing the perfect solution for your transport needs.

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Avocado transport: why stuffing matters
July 17, 2019

Whether in a smoothie, in a salad or on a sandwich – the appetite for avocados is growing worldwide. The fresh products are transported in reefer containers from their countries of origin to their destination. During the journey, temperature-controlled air must be circulated both around the fruit inside the carton and throughout the entire load to remove respiratory heat, water vapor, and gases such as carbon dioxide and ethylene. To make sure that this happens, the right stuffing method is key.

New Track & Trace Reporting
July 5, 2019

We’d like to introduce you to a new online function on our Hamburg Süd website that allows you to quickly and easily generate individual reports according to various criteria and at any time. With the new “Track & Trace Reporting” it will be even easier than before to assess and analyze your shipments with Hamburg Süd and to have more transparency on the whole transportation chain.

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New stand-alone service
July 3, 2019

The trade between Europe and Central America, Caribbean and South America West Coast is a key element in Hamburg Süd’s global network of liner services. In cooperation with Maersk, Hamburg Süd will be expanding and enhancing the services it offers on this core trade beginning in June 2019.

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Bananas about cold transports
July 1, 2019

With Remote Container Management (RCM), Hamburg Süd offers its customers the latest state-of-the-art reefer technology. But the company already started transporting temperature-sensitive goods from South America to Europe around 120 years ago..

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Three awards for Hamburg Süd – thank you!
June 27, 2019

We are excited to have won three awards in the past three months. Two of them were presented directly by our customers, while the third one was granted by the shipping and logistics journal Asia Cargo News, whose readers had selected Hamburg Süd as a winner.

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