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First & Last Mile data: Hamburg Süd enables unbroken container tracking, from the first meter to the last

With an advanced Track & Trace application, Hamburg Süd customers in North America are able to find out where their containers happen to be at any given time – even if the cargo has not yet reached the ship or has already left it.

Hamburg Süd is much more than just a shipping company. We can also take over the organization of the entire transportation chain, including intermodal pre- and on-carriage, for instance by rail or road, upon customers’ request. Via the advanced Track & Trace application in Hamburg Süd’s eCommerce portal, customers receive information on the location of their cargo at those times as well.

This allows the entire transportation chain to be controlled with even greater flexibility and efficiency. The container status data is easily retrievable at any time in Hamburg Süd’s eCommerce portal, or is transmitted straight to customers on request via portals such as INTTRA or GT Nexus. For this purpose, the companies involved in the intermodal service send the data to Hamburg Süd on a regular basis. Thus, for example, truck drivers report by mobile smartphone applications as soon as a container has been dropped off or picked up.

The advanced Track & Trace application is available for all of our customers, but these extended intermodal events are only available for North America shipments. Brazil and Mexico will also be available shortly.

Please proceed with as the commercial entry point for first/last mile.

Hamburg Süd Truck in Santa Barbara