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Emissions: smart savings with slow steaming

Would you have thought that lowering ship speed by just 4 knots saves no less than 40 percent in fuel? This cuts costs and helps to ease environmental burdens.

An international study by the renowned Pew Research Center shows that a majority of those questioned in the 40 countries examined consider climate change a serious problem. On the way to a solution, the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions is right at the top of the list of measures to be taken.

Since around 90 percent of world trade is handled by seagoing vessels, the shipping sector also bears responsibility for the environment. Continually improving the efficiency, and thus the ecobalance, of each individual ship is an integral part of Hamburg Süd’s sustainability strategy. One of the key focal points in the process is fuel consumption. The equation is simple: less fuel = fewer emissions. A crucial factor in this context is that fuel consumption rises disproportionately with increasing speed. This is why Hamburg Süd has been sailing more slowly for many years. Reducing speed with slow steaming by just 20 percent, from 20 to 16 knots, saves no less than 40 percent in fuel – that’s smart savings in emissions and costs.

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