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Hamburg Süd awarded for going green

DHL Global Forwarding, the air and sea freight specialist division of the Deutsche Post DHL Group, has awarded Hamburg Süd for its ecological engagement with the GoGreen Carrier Certificate for 2016. Thanks to its excellent environmental performance, the shipping company received the highest rating: four green ships.

For DHL Global Forwarding, ecological performance is an important factor in the selection of logistics partners – as it is for more and more companies worldwide. After all, the supply chain is an essential part of a company’s own sustainability performance and also has a high ranking in sustainability reporting. Especially when it comes to ecological balance, the choice of carrier can make a difference. Effective efficiency measures and measurable CO2 emission goals, like those established by Hamburg Süd, can serve as criteria within the decision-making process.

What’s more, within the overall rating for the GoGreen Carrier Certificate, the CO2 efficiency is one of the four categories in total that is scrutinized. For this category, Hamburg Süd showed an above-average CO2 efficiency along more than five of the trades significant to DHL. The fact that Hamburg Süd has had its environmental data verified by independent third parties for the Clean Cargo Working Group for several years brought the shipping company an additional green ship in the transparency category.

Furthermore, in the area of cooperation, Hamburg Süd was able to convince the jury with its engagement in the industry initiative Clean Cargo Working Group, among others, which aims to improve the environmental balance of container transportation. And because the ecological engagement of Hamburg Süd goes far beyond the topic of CO2 reduction, the shipping company was able to score points here, too. For instance, Hamburg Süd has a transportation ban on more than 900 endangered animal and plant species, a majority of our new dry containers feature flooring made of fast-growing bamboo, and modern ballast water systems on board many of our ships help us to protect sensitive ecosystems particularly along the coastal regions.

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Hamburg Süd goes green