Hamburg Süd Newsletter

Your questions – Our answers

Why is Hamburg Süd being taken over by Maersk?

Hamburg Süd is a well-run global company with outstanding local expertise. The integration will see Hamburg Süd become part of the global market-leader Maersk, a financially strong owner creating extra stability, opportunities for growth, and thus greater possibilities for our customers.

Is Hamburg Süd about to lose its unique character, personal service, and local contacts?

No. The Hamburg Süd brand will remain the same – along with its unique business model, including personal contacts with local expertise, ownership, and empowerment in over 250 offices worldwide. Your contacts will remain the same, and Hamburg Süd customers will continue to receive the same tailor-made logistics solutions.

How will the takeover affect me as a Hamburg Süd customer?

Basically, nothing will change for Hamburg Süd customers. Your contacts will remain the same. All agreed service levels, terms & conditions, and contracts will remain valid. By combining the networks of Hamburg Süd and Maersk Line, customers will gain access to the world’s most extensive global network, the largest fleet in the world, and a state-of-the-art equipment pool.

Will Hamburg Süd and Maersk Line offer the same range of products and services – only under different names?

No. Hamburg Süd and Maersk Line will remain two different and commercially independent companies with specific brand values, offering their respective products and services competitively to the market.

Will I be able to book directly with Maersk Line through Hamburg Süd and vice versa?

No, this will not be possible.

Will the prices of Hamburg Süd and Maersk Line be aligned?

Hamburg Süd and Maersk Line will remain two commercially independent companies, providing customers with different value propositions.

Will current bookings be transferred to Maersk systems?

No. All Hamburg Süd business processes and operational systems will continue to run separately from those of Maersk Line.

Will existing contracts be changed or transferred to Maersk Line?

No. All agreed service levels, terms and conditions, and contracts will remain valid.

Will there be any changes to terminals or departure times?

There may be changes in the medium term while the network is being expanded. All important information will be provided in good time.

Will Hamburg Süd continue to manage its own equipment and vessels?

In the future, vessels and equipment will be managed from a single source. This will open up even more opportunities for Hamburg Süd customers. The typical red ships and containers of Hamburg Süd will also remain in operation.