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Controlled Atmosphere: Fresh solutions for avocados and other trendy treats
Whether in a smoothie, in a salad or on a sandwich – the appetite for avocados is growing worldwide, which naturally increases cultivation and exports. This rising demand is mainly met by Mexico and Chile as well as by Peru, where the harvesting season begins in February. Besides the preparation, the key factor for ensuring the tastiness of this trendy food is having the optimal degree of ripeness on the store shelf. The controlled-atmosphere technology in Hamburg Süd’s reefers provides the best conditions for precisely that – and, of course, not just for avocados!

In addition to the United States, the main consumers of avocados are in several European countries and Japan. But China’s appetite has been growing for some time now, as shown by the triple-digit growth rate in imports between 2012 and 2016. And that’s why the main exporting countries – Mexico, Chile and Peru – recorded a rise in exports during this same period that was sometimes well above 20 percent.

The key factor behind this growth isn’t just the rising popularity of avocados; it’s also the continuously improving opportunities for getting this fruit to market at a higher level of quality and at the optimum degree of ripeness. Hamburg Süd is a leader in this field as one of the largest reefer container carriers worldwide. By using controlled-atmosphere (CA) technology, avocados – just like other types of fruits and vegetables – can be put into a passive state during transport in a natural way so as to significantly slow the ripening process. This is done by precisely adjusting the temperature and the composition of the atmosphere within the container to the respective cargo – making it practically tailored to the type of cargo, the transport time and the desired degree of ripeness at its final destination. The key factors in this are how high the temperature is and how much oxygen and CO2 are in the container – and these levels are monitored throughout the voyage.

One additional advantage extra is offered by the XtendFRESH technology, which Hamburg Süd developed in partnership with the container manufacturer Carrier. Using it, the so-called “ripening gas” ethylene is filtered out of the container atmosphere. This is a unique advantage that ensures the key extra bit of quality, especially with strongly respiring fruits like avocados – and it does so in a sustainable fashion, as the ethylene scrubber integrated into the XtendFRESH system is eco-friendly and recyclable, unlike conventional one-trip devices.

Interested in learning more about Hamburg Süd’s reefer offerings and controlled-atmosphere technology? Then visit us at Fruit Logistica, being held in Berlin from February 7 to 9. The experts from our Global Reefer Competence Team will be waiting for you at Booth A-12 in Hall 25, where they’d be happy to advise you on all aspects of reefer transport.

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