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Tailor made products: New services for 2018
At the beginning of the new year, Hamburg Süd expanded and optimized its service offering in several important trades. Starting now, we will be offering expanded set-ups between Asia, North Europe, the Middle East and India. In addition, Hamburg Süd will be linking Central America and the Mediterranean region as well as Southeast Asia, Australia and New Zealand with two completely new services. Among the benefits to customers will be improved transit times and a large number of new direct connections.

In 2018, Hamburg Süd will be launching expansions of two existing set-ups as well as two new services. “In this way, we are demonstrating once again just how quickly and flexibly we can respond to our customers’ needs,” says Frank Smet, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Hamburg Süd. Below is an overview of the most important changes.

North Europe – Asia: NERA 6

  • With a transit time of just 25 days, Hamburg Süd offers the fastest connection between Xiamen and Rotterdam with the service between North Europe and Asia (NERA 6).
  • Another unique service highlight is a direct connection between Xiamen and Bremerhaven.
  • On top of that, Poland has already been added to the NERA service with a direct call at Gdańsk.

More on NERA 6 can be found here .

Europe – Saudi Arabia – UAE – India: EPIC 2

  • Hamburg Süd customers will now benefit from new direct calls in Felixstowe (UK), Wilhelmshaven and Bremerhaven. The latter provides a further improved connection to Scandinavia and the Baltic region.
  • What’s more, with its newly configured EPIC service, Hamburg Süd now offers a direct connection from Rotterdam to India without transshipment.

More on EPIC 2 can be found here .

West Mediterranean – Central America: WMCS

  • Hamburg Süd specially designed this service for one of the world’s largest banana producers, which is why it’s outfitted with an especially high reefer capacity. Of course, other customers will also benefit from the new express connection between Costa Rica and Italy. Starting now, Hamburg Süd will offer the fastest transit time in the market on this route.
  • In addition, heading in the opposite direction, Hamburg Süd ensures a fast and reliable connection to the Caribbean and South America West Coast via its hub in Cartagena.

More on WMCS can be found here .

Southeast Asia – Australia / New Zealand: SENZ

  • Beginning in February, this new service will offer direct, weekly connections from Southeast Asia to Sydney and the New Zealand ports of Nelson, Wellington, Timaru, Napier, Tauranga and Auckland.
  • Customers will benefit from the short transit times from Malaysia and Singapore to Sydney as well as from extensive port coverage in New Zealand. What’s more, with its new SENZ service, Hamburg Süd will offer an ever faster connection between Sydney and the ports of Nelson, Wellington and Timaru.
  • Plus, Hamburg Süd’s global network guarantees New Zealand’s seamless connection to Asia, North America, Europe and the Mediterranean region via transshipments.

More on SENZ can be found here .

You can find an overview of Hamburg Süd’s entire service portfolio here .

Should you have any questions about these or other services, please feel free to contact our local customer service representatives in over 250 offices worldwide. Or write to us directly at: