Hamburg Süd Newsletter

New: Bills of lading accessible online 24/7
As a Hamburg Süd customer, you can now access and download online the electronic bill of lading (eB/L) for each of your commissions – at any time around the clock.

Since the beginning of the year, the new eB/L has been available to all Hamburg Süd customers worldwide. Your sea waybills and (non-negotiable) bill of lading copies are automatically stored in the personalized eCommerce section on the Hamburg Süd Line website for the last three months. This means that customers can access their documents regardless of office hours – around the clock and around the globe. By using the download function, you can save sea waybills and bill of lading copies as a PDF file on your computer or mobile device, from where you can then print or forward them. A practical search function with several parameters helps you find the right document with speed and ease. On the rare occasion when you can’t promptly access a document, you can simply send a message to Hamburg Süd’s customer service team asking them to upload it. Plus, it goes without saying that our customer service representatives will continue to be there to assist you with any inquiries, questions or problems.

The only thing you have to do to use this new online service is register in the eCommerce section of Hamburg Süd’s website.

As usual, already registered customers only need to log in here .

Should you have any questions about eB/L or any of Hamburg Süd’s other eCommerce offerings, please email us at or get in touch with your local customer service representative .