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Coastal Cleanup Day: Hamburg Süd employees collect over seven tons of garbage
As an internationally operating shipping company, Hamburg Süd is conscious of its responsibility to people and the environment. This was on display once again on Coastal Cleanup Day in mid-September: many Hamburg Süd employees as well as their families and friends – altogether 930 volunteers – took part in the global drive to collect waste on beaches and shorelines, which the environmental organization Ocean Conservancy launched more than 30 years ago.

Hamburg Süd colleagues in 18 countries around the world responded to the call to join in the effort, collecting garbage in Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Ecuador, England, Germany, Guatemala, India, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Singapore, Turkey, and the United States. The result is as impressive as it is frightening: the teams found a total of around 7,200 kilograms of garbage, from small cigarette butts to plastic bottles and even to carpets.


“Sustainability plays a big role for us as a company,” explains Dr. Arnt Vespermann, CEO of Hamburg Süd. “That’s why I’m so pleased that so many of our employees around the world are volunteering to protect the environment.”

Hamburg Süd employees in Mumbai were particularly busy, as one of India’s most important festivals – Ganesh Chaturthi – was held shortly before Coastal Cleanup Day. On Saturday morning, the Hamburg Süd team was one of the first groups to arrive on the beach, which had been the scene of considerable celebration the previous evening. After quickly filling up the garbage cans they had brought along, they spontaneously organized two tractors to haul the collected waste away. Also participating were many Hamburg Süd employees on the east coast of South America. There, around 160 employees and their families collected waste on the beaches and shores. This was especially challenging in Manaus, in northern Brazil: in addition to collecting a lot of trash, Hamburg Süd employees also had to use breathing masks there to protect themselves from the foul odors.

More on the topic of sustainability at Hamburg Süd can be found in our 2016/2017 Sustainability Report (PDF, 6 MB) .

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