Inland Tariff

Inland Rates are only valid for the requested transport date and max 30 days as from retrieval on this page.
Inland prices are subject to Emergency Energy Surcharge (EEE/EEI) where applicable. Please contact your local office for further details.
If your inland tariff is not available, please contact your local sales office for help.
Weight Class refers to Cargo weight. Please consider the weight limitations in the country of transport which can be found on each country page.

A port shunting fee in Antwerp, Belgium applies for facilities K730 (ECUBEX service) & BNFW (EMCS service) for transport mode Barge or Barge/Road.
This is applicable for both im- and exports. Unless sufficient volume is available barge operators do not call these facilities.
The applicable port shunting fee as following:
20’ and 40’ D/C and H/C – EUR 205 per container
20’ and 40’ DG Cargo – EUR 220 per container
20’ and 40’ Reefer & Reefer DG – EUR 240 per container

Loading appointment on Monday or Friday or during a week with public holiday may require round-trip prices.
In case of price difference towards the agreement, this will be informed at time of confirmation of loading date as is for account of the customer.
Free Time for Loading / Unloading: 2 hours free, thereafter EUR 50 for each 30 min in excess will be invoiced for account of the Customer.
For Rail/Road moves, the following weight classes apply:
Weight Classes for 20’ Equipment:

WC_1 = 0 – 16.5t incl. tare
WC_2 = 16.5t – 25t incl. tare
WC_3 > 25t incl. tare subject to local road limitations
Weight Classes for 40’ Equipment:

WC_4 = 0 – 16.5t incl. tare
WC_5 = 16.5t – 26.5t incl. tare
WC_6 > 26.5t incl. tare subject to local road limitations
For any Inland transport on North European Continent the Terms & Conditions under country information applies.
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