One of the scarcest goods in logistics is time. That’s why we are introducing air freight as an additional solution to help you meet tight deadlines or avoid production downtimes. You can react flexibly with the right combination of different modes of transportation – whether by air, sea or land.

In a world that is constantly changing, you need more than just reliability – as flexible and fast solutions are in increasing demand. That’s why we are now offering you air freight transport in addition to our well-proven sea and land transports. This allows you to avoid storage congestion and the high costs involved with that.

Our Air Freight options for you:

More: Speed.

With Priority Air from airport to airport in 24 to 72 hours – and the fastest possible onward transport.

More: Flexibility.

With Premium Air from airport to airport in 72 to 120 hours – and mostly daily departures.

More: Value for your money.

With Economy Air from airport to airport in 120 to 168 hours – and consolidated weekly departures.

With our global reach and experts wherever you are located, we are there for you – to advise you on all aspects related to air freight. By using our own planes and drawing on cooperations with other international partners, we are able to make sure that your cargo takes off safely and is tracked in real time. But, most importantly, it will arrive securely where no other means of transport would be able to take it.

>>> Our Air Freight offer will be launched in May 2022 - stay tuned! <<<