(Florham Park, NJ)...We are once again accepting new import bookings destined for Fort Worth, Texas, as we expect container dwell times to improve in the coming weeks. In early September it was announced the need to temporarily suspend bookings to Fort Worth due to excessive dwell periods. As of today, the average dwell time in the ramp has been reduced by approximately 20 percent in the last four weeks. Given the facility’s progress in clearing its backlog, we are able to serve the Fort Worth market once again from our main gateways in the Gulf and the Pacific Southwest where we have been able to increase eastbound capacity and reduce dwell time.

In continuing our support of the wider regional market, we will partner with BNSF to decongest the Alliance Ramp at Fort Worth by draying cargo off-dock. In addition, Hamburg Süd can also assist customers with transload solutions in Houston to expedite seasonal cargo flowing into the region.

We greatly appreciate continued support from cargo owners to pick up their freight in Fort Worth and return empty containers and chassis as quickly as possible so we can continue to make progress on improving the performance and reliability of this important regional supply chain hub.

We appreciate your understanding of our efforts and thank you for your continued support.

Should you wish to know more about the situation please contact Hamburg Süd representative with any questions that you may have.