Dear Valued Customer,

We have received notification from Svitzer of the intended lockout of all crew covered by their existing enterprise agreement and have been working to better understand the ramifications of this.

As noted by Svitzer, the position has been taken post nearly 2000 hours of work stoppages being actioned by the respective Unions over the past month. This coupled with other operational disruption has already created significant challenges for Australian supply chains, as can be evidenced by Hamburg Sud actioning over 40 contingencies in the past month.

As this is a developing situation, we cannot provide definitive feedback at this stage. We are however monitoring the situation closely and will keep our customers duly updated of the situation, as well as any impact to cargo plans and vessel positions. The announced lockout will affect all Ocean operations in and out of Australia, should no separate agreement be found between the parties.

In order to continue serving Australian supply chains in the best manner possible, Hamburg Sud is working on contingency plans to limit the impact to our customers as far as possible, however until a definitive position is reached, we will continue to operate on a business-as-usual basis.

We thank you in advance for trusting Hamburg Sud as your supply chain partner.

With kind regards,

Your Hamburg Süd Team

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