(Florham Park, NJ)… As your end-to-end logistics partner, we are constantly seeking ways to improve the reliability and efficiency of our services. That is why we are pleased to announce we are expanding our network options.

Within the first Quarter of 2023, we will be making below changes to our North Europe to/from North America & Mediterranean to/from North America. Global trade dynamics are shifting. Now, more than ever, supply chain resilience and stability are key.


Slowing global demand has left us with extra capacity that we can use to improve the reliability of our services. With these changes we can reduce schedule gaps and slidings, boost weekly coverage and allow for more robust supply chain planning. We can also help reduce the impact of congestion and bottlenecks. This offers you more mobility and greater ability to respond to market changes with agility.

The major disruptions of the pandemic are behind us, but 2023 will bring new challenges. In response, we are optimizing our network to better match supply to demand and reduce fuel consumption. With the start of the changed proforma, we will adjust the speed of our ships to reduce emissions. This will help us meet our goal of achieving net zero greenhouse gas emissions across our business by 2040. We understand that sustainability is increasingly important to our customers too. We hope these steps will help you to meet your own targets.

We know that your requirements are evolving. Our teams are ready to work with you and find solutions to all your logistics needs. As well as our ocean services, we have barge, trucking and rail solutions available to you at all times. Please reach out to your Hamburg Süd representative if you have any questions or need assistance.

Thank you for your trust and loyalty. We look forward to continuing to support you with all your logistical needs.