Dear Customer,

At Hamburg Süd, we are focused on assisting you with your logistics requirements and being by your side. As your strong and personal service partner, we aim to offer you the best services possible along the entire supply chain.

Our dedication to simplifying complex supply chains and ensuring seamless integration for our customers will continue, but our intention is to deliver it under one single brand. That of our parent company, Maersk.

With our sister brands of Sealand and Twill, as well as newer members of the Maersk Family, we intend to transition to a single, unified brand under Maersk. This will ensure a structure that better reflects the reality of our customers, and we are convinced that this will allow us to better respond to your logistical needs, offering you more variety, ease, and connectivity than ever before. At the same time, please rest assured that Maersk will continue to adhere and respect all contracts and agreements that are in place including contract confidentiality, so customers can be assured that your information continues to remain safe and secure.

What does this mean for you?

As a Hamburg Süd customer, you will continue to enjoy the same service quality level and support at local level. On top of this, you will gain further access and ease to supply chain services – all under one roof. Whilst Hamburg Süd as a brand will be integrated into Maersk and whilst we combine our services and offerings with the broader Maersk group catalogue, your current sales and customer service representatives will stay the same.

We expect that each integration will follow its own timeline and we will continuously keep you updated on the progress of our intention. Our key focus is to make these changes with a minimum of disruption for you, with the same team supporting you moving forward.

We invite you to read our Questions and Answers section on the intended integration of the brands, as well as contact your current representative for more information on the change.

Your current Sales and CX representative will soon reach out to you with more details. We look forward to remaining by your side and working with you to meet your logistics needs.


Poul Hestbaek (CEO) and Philip Oetker (COO)